• Quality is our priority

    For more than 20 years, ensuring continuous and stable product quality is an important basis for SCHOBRUNN roots in the Chinese market. Fully implement the ISO9000 quality system, each department based on the PDCA Circle of TQM (total quality management) system can guarantee product does not meet the criteria cannot be sent out of the factory and any product out of the factory can also be traced back.

    Supplier evaluation system ·manufacturing and quality controlling PDCA Circle·production process site and remote monitoring system·5S warehouse management security · extreme environment, logistics condition test.

    We ensure that our products from raw materials purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing to finally sending to the customer, are being monitored, to ensure stable products quality.


    We have constantly been working on improving our Coloration, Perm, Care products and related technologies.

    1993: Launch of CHEAM first Straightening cream
    1995: Launch of first Colorless Perm with an anti-red effect
    1997: Successfully developed a set of coloration products with dozens of colors.
    1999: Launch of the first set of color creams
    2000: Started to research on ionic and ceramic perm
    2001: Launch of JOVIAL coloration and permanent products
    2002: Launch of NEOSHINE coloration products
    2004: Launch of the first Straightening Cream with enhanced effects
    2007: International Technological breakthrough on ammonia smell reduction integrated to coloration and permanent creams
    2008: First international patent on blue coloration

    And the story is not over...


    Our team has been focusing on developing new products that closely fit the market demand thanks to in-depth market research and systematic formula improvement methods. 

    The company has 2 international research patents and more than 10 Chinese patents by now. It has developed a partnership with Fine Chemicals Institute of East China Normal University and Paris Tech.

    Our goal: based on the R & D center, establish a technology and innovation center in 10 years, optimizing the product formula, basic raw materials production process and environmental protection, grasping more effective core patented technology.


    Based on stable products quality and safe producing, to realize an environment friendly, green, and sustainable manufacturing is the final goal pursed by SCHOBRUNN factory.

    By now, in our factory:
    - Producing process has passed ISO9000 quality system certification
    -5S site management
    -Full electrification of zero emissions
    -Centralized wastewater treatment to achieve zero discharge of industrial sewage
    - Using natural biodegradable packaging materials
    The next few years, we will spend more efforts and invest more in the EHS to ensure the factory environment remains health and safety.